Chapter 6

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions - Avondale

What’s happening in Avondale?

Avondale’s town centre will be regenerated to support the creation of high-quality homes, stronger transport connections and local business growth.

What’s the timeframe?

The regeneration will take place over the next 15 years.

Why is it taking so long?

Regeneration involves many factors including working with developers, investors and landowners, consulting with the community, securing funding and developing design. We want Avondale to be regenerated in a way that is sustainable and contributes positively to the neighbourhood, which takes time.

How do I give feedback or get involved?

We’re hosting some events where the community can learn more and give feedback – check out the Panuku Facebook page for more information. You can also email us at

What’s the plan for Avondale Racecourse?

We think the racecourse provides an excellent opportunity for Avondale. We’re looking to work with the owner, Avondale Jockey Club, to seek positive outcomes and protect the site’s huge potential.

How can we be sure new development will be high-quality?

We’re committed to high-quality design based on Avondale’s unique identity and diversity. We also aim for 6 Homestar rating on all residential development in which we’re directly involved. This is to ensure homes are built to a high standard with minimal environmental impact. All the relevant planning controls in the Auckland Unitary Plan still apply, and all our development sites have to go through the usual resource consent process.

What’s happening at Avondale Central?

Avondale Central is the empty lot in the middle of Avondale that used to have the 3 Guys supermarket on it. This site is one of the keys to unlocking the potential of Avondale.

The vision is for this area to include a mix of shops on the ground level, with new homes above, and links through to Racecourse Parade and Central Reserve. This development will be important for encouraging and supporting more investment in the town centre.

What’s the development process?

To transform the Avondale Central site into a thriving hub for Avondale, we need firstly to find a development partner to work through a detailed design before construction starts. This can take several months.

Why doesn’t Auckland Council act as developer?

As a ratepayer-funded organisation, we don’t take on the financial risk of development. Instead we negotiate good development and urban design outcomes with development partners.

What will happen to the money from the sale of Avondale Central?

Money from the sale will be reused for other strategic land buying in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland’s neighbourhoods. We work across many locations in Auckland that need funding.

What’s happening with the community facility?

The plan is for a new centralised community facility in Avondale, including a library and community centre. Funding was secured through Auckland Council’s long-term plan, which sets out the activities, services and investments planned for the next 10 years. That budget was finalised in June 2018.

Where is the new community facility going to be?

The preferred location for the new community facility incorporates the row of shops at 1971-1987 Great North Road and part of Central Reserve. The local board approved this location as it offers the best long-term outcomes for Avondale, including the ability for the new facility to be integrated with an upgrade of the town square.