Chapter 4

Our focus: Avondale town centre

Our focus: Avondale town centre - Avondale

Heart, homes, connections, growth: future fundamentals for Avondale and its people, and the reasons why we’re focusing regeneration on the town centre.

Avondale town centre is in a strategic location with good infrastructure, services and facilities, and access to public transport. In particular, a train station serves the centre, providing a convenient connection to the city’s rail network.

Here are the four strategic moves that we believe will build on Avondale’s opportunities:

  • Enliven the heart of Avondale town centre

We’ll seek opportunities for underused land, supporting the town square upgrade and development of a multi-use community facility.

  • Create high-quality residential neighbourhoods

We’ll champion the building of new neighbourhoods through the development of council-owned land and working with other landowners.

  • Strengthen connections with the town centre

We’ll work with key stakeholders to improve physical links between the town centre and activity hubs, including the train station and cycleways.

The first of these links to be improved is Crayford Street West, where changes are being made to create a safer and more connected area between the train station and Avondale town centre. You can view the developed design here.

  • Foster the growth of local businesses

We’ll partner with the Whau Local Board and the Avondale community to carry out a retail strategy that attracts new businesses and offers more diverse products and services.

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