Chapter 5

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) - Maungawhau and Karanga a hape

Who is delivering the project and what’s in scope?

On 1 October 2020, Auckland Council formally gave Eke Panuku the mandate to lead, in partnership with Kāinga Ora, the regeneration of the precincts around the Maungawhau and Karanga a hape stations. The mandate is to lead the development and delivery of the development opportunities adjoining the CRL station sites.

How will the plans reflect community input?

Input from communities will play an important role in the programme. We will work with local boards to obtain input from local businesses and communities, along with mana whenua. We will also build on any plans that have already been prepared, including the CRL Development Opportunities Programme Blueprint, the City Centre Masterplan 2020, the Karangahape Road Plan 2014-2044, and the Newton and Eden Terrace Plan (2016).

We’ll continue our conversations and work with local community stakeholders as we progress through the design stages.

Will there be residential areas, commercial areas or both?

The development will consist of a mix of residential, retail and commercial.

How high can developers build to?

Planning work is underway to determine how high buildings can go in line with the proposed National Policy Statement on Urban Development (NPS-UD). The proposed NPS-UD may increase building heights and enable more housing in areas of the city with good public transport links and walking and cycling options to jobs and key services.

The current Auckland Unitary Plan enables heights of 35m around the Karanga a hape Station. Some buildings can go to a height of 30m if within the volcanic viewshaft area. The Maungawhau precinct can currently be developed to a height of 18-21m depending on whether a site is within a volcanic viewshaft area.

What will it look like?

This is yet to be determined and will be influenced by the desired principles and outcomes in the precinct development plan once approved.

What is some high-level timing for the project?

A development staging plan will be established in 2022 following approval of the precinct development plan.

Approval of the precinct development plan will be sought from the CRL project sponsors – represented by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Minister of Transport and Minister of Finance.

When will construction start?

Construction is planned to start after completion of CRL’s Karanga a hape and Maungawhau stations, when the City Rail Link opens.

Why won’t construction begin prior to the completion of the CRL stations?

Due to the complexity of CRL construction, it is not possible to build above stations before they are completed.

Apart from the station re-build, Maungawhau is also the site where CRL is being connected to the existing Western Line and is the project’s ‘base’ for work related to tunnel excavation into central Auckland, so station-adjacent development is not feasible here until after completion.

We are working to ensure that the land can be constructed on as close to the underground station being completed as possible.

When will you be seeking development partner proposals?

This is still to be determined. We are hoping to determine these timings in 2022.

A development staging plan will be established following approval of the precinct development plan, after which time we will have an idea of when we could start seeking a development partner/s.