Chapter 3

The outcomes sought for Karanga a hape and Maungawhau

The outcomes sought for Karanga a hape and Maungawhau - Maungawhau and Karanga a hape

We’ve worked with our mana whenua partners, the Albert-Eden Local Board and the Waitematā Local Board to develop the outcomes being sought for the future development sites around the City Rail Link (CRL) Karanga a hape and Maungawhau stations.

The proposed ‘Foundation Outcomes’ guiding this urban regeneration programme are:

  • Environmental vitality and climate action: An exemplar net zero carbon urban regeneration development that is resilient to climate change and focuses on the prioritisation of sustainable modes of transport and environmental vitality
  • Mana whenua partnership: Partner with mana whenua to integrate mātauranga (Māori knowledge) and reflect Māori identity in the precincts
  • Homes: Provide healthy, affordable and accessible homes with a mix of different types and options, to cater for a diverse community
  • Accessibility: Create precincts that are accessible for all and encourages the use of public transport and provides a safe and connected neighbourhood
  • Economic & social well-being (‘Community well-being’): Provide public space, health, community space, learning, and employment facilities that enhances the existing community and enables people to thrive
  • Value realisation: Creating enduring investments for the community and realise value over time.