01 December 2021

Eke Panuku vaccination policy

Eke Panuku vaccination policy

In consultation with our staff, Eke Panuku has adopted its COVID-19 vaccination policy.

From 3 December 2021 all Eke Panuku offices and workplaces will be fully vaccinated spaces.

To create a safer working environment, everyone who enters Eke Panuku offices and workplaces must be fully vaccinated and provide evidence of their vaccination by way of the My Vaccine Pass (or other equivalent proof of vaccination).

If you have an exemption you will need to provide the exemption certificate.

This policy applies to all staff, partners, contractors, and external visitors visiting our workspaces.

If someone is not fully vaccinated, or if their vaccination status cannot be verified, they cannot enter any Eke Panuku office or workplace and alternative arrangements will need to be made.

Before entering an Eke Panuku office and workplace Eke Panuku also ask everyone to ensure they are feeling well, have not been to a location of interest in the last 14 days, and have not had close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the last 14 days.

David Rankin, Chief Executive of Eke Panuku Development Auckland expresses his appreciation to everyone for following this policy.

“We all have a responsibility to look after our safety and wellbeing, as well as the safety and wellbeing of the people we come in to contact with.”

Eke Panuku will regularly review its COVID-19 vaccination policy to reflect new legislation and guidance from the Government’s response to COVID-19.

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