24 November 2021

Upgraded Wiri / Manukau connection utilises sustainable procurement

Upgraded Wiri / Manukau connection utilises sustainable procurement

The Barrowcliffe Bridge, which connects Wiri and central Manukau, has been upgraded to create a new walking, cycling, and vehicular route as part of our strategy to improve connectivity and public spaces in Manukau. This bridge acts as a southern gateway for safe walking and cycling into the city centre. It improves the connection between Wiri and central Manukau for pedestrians and bike riders, and allows residential traffic access to the new Kōtuitui Place development.

Eke Panuku are committed to using our procurement activities to create positive and enduring socio-economic outcomes. We know that people in south Auckland often find themselves having to travel out of the area for work and upskilling.

This project presented a real opportunity for us to collaborate with a supplier to create socio-economic change to address some of these challenges.

Our sustainable procurement process saw us look for a supplier who could subcontract at least 25% of spend to Māori and Pasifika businesses. Weighting in the procurement process was given to potential suppliers who had Māori and Pasifika employees or employees living in south Auckland. We looked at opportunities the supplier provided to employees for development and upskilling as well as upskilling others in the Manukau community. Finally, we asked for a supplier who engaged with Māori and Pasifika-owned subcontractors.

JFC were awarded the contract to be the supplier for the project.

At the completion of the project, a staggering 39.81% of subcontract spend was with Māori and Pasifika owned businesses.

Mana whenua also provided significant input into the design of the bridge, light poles, shrouds, and hand railings to reflect culture and identity in our built environment.

Eke Panuku worked directly with Te Ākitai Waiohua, who are leading development at Kōtuitui Place, and other mana whenua to enhance Barrowcliffe Bridge and achieve both a physical and cultural connection to the Manukau city centre.

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