Chapter 5

What’s planned for Northcote?

What’s planned for Northcote? - Northcote

What’s proposed here focuses on four areas of action that we believe will combine to achieve what residents want for tomorrow’s Northcote.

We call these the key moves, where people will eventually enjoy:

  1. A town centre with a vibrant heart.
  2. Lake Road as a neighbourhood boulevard.
  3. A greenway linking public open space.
  4. More homes, and a better mix of housing options.
At Eke Panuku, we’re taking the lead on renewing the town centre so that it truly becomes the heart of the neighbourhood. We’ve developed a masterplan of what this could look like, and will soon be speaking with potential development partners interested in working with us to develop the town centre.

1. The town centre - creating a vibrant heart

Northcote’s town centre will be redefined. It will be better integrated with Lake Road to create a welcoming entrance to the shops and town square, with a multi-purpose community building.

To make this happen, the community facilities on Cadness Reserve at the back of the town centre could move to a potential multi-purpose building (subject to feasibility and ongoing community consultation). The town centre will feature higher-density housing.

Our plan includes a new, larger supermarket with mixed-use development including shops, housing and undercover parking.

We’ll also improve public spaces by:

  • Upgrading the Greenslade Reserve community sports field.
  • Creating a new town square close to the community facilities. It will be a dedicated and safe space for events, activities and celebrations.
  • Upgrading Cadness Reserve to include a children’s play park.
  • Investing more in public spaces.

2. Lake Road - a neighbourhood boulevard

Lake Road has been upgraded to provide better connection from the Northcote town centre to the wider North Shore. There are now wider footpaths, a cycleway and more trees, making it a pleasant and safe place for people who are walking and cycling.

The town centre will be better integrated with Lake Road to create a welcoming entrance to the shops and town square.

3. Te Ara Awataha - a green network of public open space

Weaving along the path of the old Awataha Stream, Te Ara Awataha will be a green walkway that connects the reserves around the Northcote town centre. It will also provide links between the town centre, schools and public transport.

The Awataha Stream will be brought to light for long distances of the greenway. This regenerative process, known as ‘daylighting’, will boost the mauri (life essence) of the stream, improving water quality and allowing it to become a habitat for birds, insects and tuna (eels) once more.

Te Ara Awataha is being jointly delivered by Panuku Development Auckland, Healthy Waters and Kāinga Ora, working alongside the Kaipātiki Local Board and mana whenua.

4. More new homes - increasing choice and affordability

New homes will offer people more choice in types of housing, tenure and price. Redeveloping Northcote’s town centre and the surrounding residential area also means increasing the numbers and types of homes available.

Kāinga Ora is developing 1500 new homes near Northcote town centre, including approximately 800 market-led houses aimed to be affordable. In addition, Eke Panuku will facilitate the building of several hundred homes in the town centre. This housing activity, led by Eke Panuku, is likely to drive additional market-led housing on private land.