Chapter 2

The plans guiding Old Papatoetoe

The plans guiding Old Papatoetoe - Old Papatoetoe

Old Papatoetoe is a growth area, with many more people expected to move here in the coming years. We have an opportunity to cater for that growth by making better use of Auckland Council land and improving the town centre economy.

The plan for Old Papatoetoe’s regeneration is an Eke Panuku document called the High Level Project Plan. This plan was approved by the Council in July 2017, giving Eke Panuku the green light to make much-needed changes in the area.

In the plan, Eke Panuku pinpoints key actions that need to be taken to achieve this change and outlines the approach to working with local communities. Find out more below:

This plan was a team effort, with input from all parts of the council family. It follows the foundation work of many previous and current council and local board plans. It is enabled by the Auckland Unitary Plan’s drive for a higher-quality and more compact city, and its outcomes support those of the Auckland Plan 2050.

The Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board made it a priority in its Local Board Plan 2017 to work closely with us to revitalise Old Papatoetoe town centre.