Chapter 6

How will we get there?

How will we get there? - Onehunga

We’ve identified six key moves that describe what we think are most crucial to bring about transformation in Onehunga. They encompass a series of projects and initiatives, designed to kickstart the transformation process and bring about the kind of change that will help Onehunga prosper in the future.

Reframe infrastructure as a catalyst for regeneration.

Ensure infrastructure delivers on more levels than just its primary purpose – it should also generate additional opportunities. This involves rethinking single-purpose infrastructure so that it can deliver additional multiple benefits for the community through which it passes.

Create an alluring town centre.

Define and revive the 10 blocks that comprise the town centre for a range of uses that make Onehunga a bustling and popular place.

Re-establish the waterfront as a place for people.

Re-establish the role of Onehunga Wharf as a destination for people on Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland’s largest harbour, the Manukau Harbour.

Prioritise the importance of local connections.

Improve community connections by enhancing the walking and cycling experience and network for people of all ages and abilities.

Foster innovative housing solutions.

Provide and advocate for diverse housing, which better reflects the spectrum of living, lifestyle and affordability options that a progressive and inclusive urban environment can offer.

Encourage productivity and innovation.

Recognise Onehunga’s contribution to the economy by supporting enterprising, productive and creative pursuits. Ensure these pursuits have mutual benefits for local and regional purposes.