Chapter 5

Onehunga 2043

Onehunga 2043 - Onehunga

What will Onehunga look like in 2043?

An enhanced and restored natural environment.

Onehunga has a healthy environment cared for and enjoyed by all. Onehunga prides itself on its green spaces, and has reinstated its connection to its historic waterfront. The intertwined history of the natural environment and maritime / industrial activity is both visible and celebrated.

A sustainable, enabled and connected community.

Onehunga is about its communities. It is a diverse, integrated neighbourhood with a people-oriented built environment that creates and strengthens connections between its residents, visitors and place. Onehunga remains a community where people of all ages and demographics want to live, learn, work, play and move about easily.

Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland’s liveable and loveable neighbourhood.

Onehunga is a leading example of a vibrant, urban neighbourhood that celebrates its past and successfully moves into its future. Sustainable design, quality built-form and innovation are promoted. A range of housing types, providing greater housing and lifestyle choice, exist in Onehunga.

Successful local growth, investment and innovation.

Onehunga seeks out opportunities for growth and innovation. Everyone works together locally; interactions between entrepreneurs are fostered, job creation and growth in emerging sectors is encouraged and youth are enabled to participate and innovate within their own communities. Local skills continue to be valuable assets. An increased residential population supports the town centre’s economic viability. Onehunga has unlocked its potential as a key location along Auckland's public transport corridor, with short journey times to the city centre and the airport.