Chapter 4

The importance of infrastructure

The importance of infrastructure - Onehunga

A major factor in Onehunga’s transformation will be the influence of transport and other infrastructure projects, scheduled to happen in the short to medium term.

Infrastructure has always influenced the function and form of Onehunga. It is important that infrastructure designed to benefit all of Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland also delivers positive outcomes for the Onehunga community.

Key infrastructure projects affecting Onehunga include:

  • Light rail between the city centre and Auckland Airport.
  • The East-West Link, connecting State Highway 1 and State Highway 20.
  • The removal, over the long term, of 110kv high-voltage power lines.
  • The redevelopment of Onehunga Wharf, with the retention of existing commercial fishing operations.

All these projects will significantly influence the long-term plans and programme for achieving regeneration in Onehunga. Many of these projects will be complex and will take time to resolve.

Eke Panuku is committed to working closely with government agencies and infrastructure providers to ensure these projects are beneficial for Onehunga. We’ll also move forward with a crucial element of our work – the transformation of Onehunga’s town centre – while we work with the government and others on infrastructure-related matters.

The transformation of Onehunga’s town centre covers 10 blocks with an emphasis on the blocks that lie north of Neilson Street.

Eke Panuku controls 14 sites within this area. Design and development work has already been completed for most of these sites, and negotiations are underway with stakeholders who will be involved in or affected by the developments.