Chapter 8

The medium to long term

The medium to long term - Onehunga

In the medium to long term, our focus will extend to the remaining town centre blocks.

All of the blocks will benefit from works to improve the safety and appearance of public areas. Other specific projects on Eke Panuku-controlled sites include:

  • Municipal Block – creation of a civic heart in the town centre, with a proposed new youth park and enhanced library plaza.
  • Station Block – planning and design to support the development of an integrated transport hub.
  • Church and Princes streets – streetscape enhancements and development to integrate with future transport and infrastructure projects.

Together, it is estimated that these developments on Eke Panuku-controlled sites will provide an additional 473 residential units, 3200sqm of retail and commercial floor space, and 2000sqm of new and revamped community recreation areas.

What’s happening beyond the town centre?

Although the town centre is the focus for the next three years, there are plenty of plans for the rest of Onehunga once key transport and infrastructure projects have been confirmed. These plans will progress the remaining key moves.


Eke Panuku is awaiting details of the major infrastructure projects planned for Onehunga. As we gain more certainty around what these projects will look like, we will work with the other stakeholders involved to extract the maximum benefit for Onehunga from them. Identified hot-spots most affected by infrastructure developments are Neilson Street and the town centre areas south of it, Old Māngere Bridge, and the harbour front.

Local connections and housing

We have already started placemaking activities and collaborations in Onehunga. We’ve identified several desirable civic and public space projects, although many of these rely on the transport picture becoming clearer. Particular areas of interest are the connection between Onehunga Wharf and Māngere Bridge, and with the future housing redevelopment planned for Oranga.

We’re working with Auckland Council and HLC to review the parks, community facilities and local amenities that are available in areas earmarked for housing intensification (in particular, Oranga). Good connections between these new residential areas, the town centre and rest of Onehunga will be vital. We’re also focusing on residential developments in the town centre, with the aim to provide diverse and affordable housing options.

The local economy

We’re working to understand and promote the distinct economy that currently exists in Onehunga. This economy is distinguished by its industrial, creative and innovative nature. We’re discussing the placement of industrial land and the potential to create hubs of business and activity, based around particular industries.