Chapter 4

Key moves in Panmure

Key moves in Panmure - Panmure

Key moves in Panmure

Eke Panuku believes that the combined impact of four key moves will, over time, achieve the vision that the people of Panmure have long held for their part of Auckland.

We’ll work together with other agencies, local businesses and the Panmure community to make these moves:

  • Develop a high-quality urban neighbourhood.
  • Reconnect the centre to its community.
  • Enliven the heart of the mainstreet (a mainstreet is an area’s primary shopping street).
  • Foster mainstreet vitality and business growth.

Having a lively town centre where people can shop, eat, meet, learn, relax and be entertained is pivotal to creating tomorrow’s Panmure. We’ll team up with the business community and look to introduce fresh retail and commercial space. This will strengthen the appeal of the town centre and the diversity of what's on offer.

We envisage people enjoying a multi-purpose community facility with a civic space at the heart of the town centre. Locals could come together and use amenities like a library and a community centre.

Encouraging a mix of development (residential, commercial, cultural etc) in more Panmure locations will increase the number of homes and expand the range of services people can access.