Chapter 5

Pinpointing ideas for Panmure

Pinpointing ideas for Panmure - Panmure

Pinpointing ideas for Panmure

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to understanding the needs of a diverse community like Panmure.

We’re always reviewing ways to get ideas and views from as wide a range of people as possible. We’d especially love to involve more young people in shaping the quality of future living in Panmure.

So in October 2018 we launched an interactive website using Social Pinpoint for the Panmure regeneration to reach out to new and younger audiences.

We asked the neighbourhood about improvements planned on Queens Road, Clifton Court, Pilkington Road, Jellicoe Road and Basin View Lane, the aim of which is to make it easier to get in and around the town centre and between local nature spaces such as the Panmure Basin and Mt Wellington. We also asked people for their thoughts on community facilities like the library and community centre.

The site has an aerial map of Panmure that shows the area in with Eke Panuku will be working. When we have an upcoming project we want to share or ask people for their thoughts on, this will be highlighted for feedback. This information is then passed onto our Panmure team to be considered as part of the design of the town.

As regeneration continues, the site will remain open for you to share your feedback on the changes happening in Panmure.