Chapter 2

The plan for Panmure town centre

The plan for Panmure town centre - Panmure

The plan for Panmure town centre

Panmure has an overall plan for 15-20 year regeneration – a time during which its population is expected to grow significantly.

The High Level Project Plan was approved by Auckland Council’s Planning Committee on 6 March 2018, giving Panuku the green light to make changes. Our plan pinpoints the key actions that need to be taken to achieve this, including making better use of properties the council owns.

The plan also covers:

  • The context for revitalising the town centre.
  • The key projects and stages of work required.
  • The main players, and how we’ll continue working with the Panmure community.

We gathered public feedback on the plan from community sessions held in October 2017 and an online survey. People who visit, live in and work in Panmure were asked to share their thoughts on safety, community facilities and transport connections with the town centre, including walking and cycling. There’s also the interactive website, Social PinPoint, where you can share your thoughts and ideas on Panmure and upcoming changes coming to the town centre anytime. Read on to learn more about that.

View the Panmure High Level Project Plan below.