Chapter 1

A shared vision for Pukekohe

A shared vision for Pukekohe - Pukekohe

The Pukekohe population is projected to grow by 50,000 people in the next 20 years.

To make sure Pukekohe grows in a planned and sustainable way, Auckland Council has asked us to deliver urban regeneration to help create a vibrant, competitive, safe and walkable town centre, with better access to employment, education and healthcare.

Eke Panuku Development Auckland will be working in Pukekohe to deliver this for the next five to 10 years. Learn more here

Our strategic plan for Pukekohe - Kia Puawai a Pukekohe outlines how we will implement regeneration in the short, medium and long term.

Our initial activities in Pukekohe will be to look at options for the key council-owned properties in the town centre and understand how we can maximise the use of parking.

As part of this, we’re working with the farmers’ market owners and together will trial a move from the market’s current Massey Ave car park to the town square.

We’ll also be investigating how to make better use of existing council properties:

  • There are 27 council-owned properties that we have identified as being of interest to Eke Panuku for redevelopment potential. These properties have been endorsed and approved by Auckland Council elected members.
  • These include eight street-level car parks, several small open spaces, three commercial properties (with tenants) and the Auckland Council offices at 82 Manukau Road.
  • We plan to sell and redevelop these properties over time with development partners to get the best outcomes for Pukekohe. This will be done with guidance from the Franklin Local Board. Revenue generated from these site sales will be channelled into a pot which is then allocated to projects based on the best use of those funds
  • We have identified eight key moves which will be our focus over the coming years.

These key moves are the projects where Eke Panuku can make the biggest contribution, spanning precinct redevelopment, public realm investment and placemaking.

What’s happening in the near future?

  • We are currently preparing to undertake a master planning phase for the town centre wherein we will provide a game plan to encourage growth and attract investment.
  • We are preparing to investigate possible parking solutions. This will help inform the future reconfiguring and transformation processes, by reviewing the current usage and needs of people who frequent Pukekohe’s town centre. We will do this with Auckland Transport and Franklin Local Board. We understand that the rural needs of people who visit, work, learn and live in Pukekohe need to be a consideration in this process.
  • Our remit is quite focused on the town centre, however, we are exploring other ways to contribute to the growth demands in Pukekohe.
  • While we have plans to upgrade public spaces and develop sites in the town centre, we do not intend to create obligations on existing property owners to develop their sites too.
  • We are working with the market operators in Pukekohe we are collaborating to find a suitable home so that its future is secure.
  • We are seeking public feedback on our Masterplan so that we can ensure this is a plan that will benefit everyone. Most importantly, we are trying to consider what Pukekohe needs in the future, as development projects take time to plan and complete. To have your say online on the Pukekohe masterplan, please click here