Chapter 9

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - Takapuna

What is 40 Anzac Street?

The 40 Anzac Street site is a 250-space public car park in the centre of Takapuna. In March 2018 Auckland Council granted a change of use, meaning the site can be used for other purposes.

The site’s location and links to Hurstmere Road when combined with several Hurstmere Road sites make it an ideal location to create a new town square, shops, businesses and homes on a site known as Takapuna Central.

What will go on Takapuna Central? Will there be any public space?

Our plans include a new town square and connections between Anzac Street, Lake Road and Hurstmere Road. Development will be mixed-use, such as restaurants, retail and housing.

What will happen to the Takapuna Sunday market?

We recognise the Takapuna Sunday Market is an important and valued part of the community. We’re working with the market operator to ensure it remains a successful part of life in Takapuna.

Will the new town square be sunny?

We’ll work with our development partners to ensure surrounding buildings on the Takapuna Central site don’t overshadow the town square.

When will 40 Anzac Street be sold?

We’re in discussion with a potential development partner for the development opportunity surrounding the town square. We’re working to confirm a partner by early 2022.

When will development start?

Construction of Takapuna’s town square will begin in January 2022. The Anzac car park will be partly closed to public car parking during the town square construction. The construction will happen in stages to ensure the Takapuna Sunday Market can continue to operate.

On the nearby Gasometer site, the Toka Puia car park has been completed and is open to the public. Development elsewhere on the Gasometer site will start following selection of a development partner.

What's happening with Potters Park?

Potters Park will remain a park. We have no changes planned for it.

How will the developments impact Takapuna as a shopping destination?

New retail, commercial and residential accommodation will bring more people to the centre and increase economic activity. This growth will have a positive impact on Takapuna as a shopping and food and beverage destination.

International studies show that creating easy walking environments and increasing foot traffic will also have a positive effect on these businesses.

When the Takapuna Central site is developed, will we lose those car parks in the Anzac Street car park?

The Toka Puia car park building on the Gasometer site was purpose-built to offset the reduction in, and eventual removal of, parking at the Anzac Street site.

Anzac Street car park will remain partly open to public car parking during construction of Takapuna’s town square to ensure the Takapuna Sunday Market can continue to operate. The market will move to a new area at the completion of the town square construction.

Why aren’t you keeping car parking on the Anzac Street site?

The Anzac Street site has Potters Park next door and connections to Hurstmere Road. It’s a fantastic location for a new town square and pedestrian-friendly spaces that are not dominated by cars.

The Toka Puia car park on Northcroft Street is only 200m away and works well in tandem with the Killarney Street car park to serve Takapuna centre’s parking needs.

I park in the Anzac Street car park. Where can I park now?

The Anzac Street car park will stay partly open throughout 2022 while the town square is built. The Toka Puia car park on Northcroft Street opened in December 2020 and provides 420 short-stay car parks.

Toka Puia is owned by Auckland Council and managed by Auckland Transport.

How many car parks are available in Takapuna?

Takapuna has about 2,300 public car park spaces (both on and off-street) – the Anzac Street car park site provides 250 of these. To provide for current and future parking requirements, in November 2020 Eke Panuku completed the Toka Puia car park building on part of the Gasometer site with 420 spaces.

What about accessibility parking?

There is accessibility parking in a number of locations around Takapuna town centre, including 14 spaces in the new Toka Puia car park on Northcroft Street.