Working with Mana Whenua - Takapuna town square

25 January 2022

  • Takapuna

On Thursday 20 January, we invited mana whenua to lead a ceremony with partners to commence construction of Waiwharariki Anzac Square, the new town square for Takapuna to enjoy.

As we look to future, it is important to reflect on the past to make sure the history is represented in a way that is representative of Te Ao Māori.

Waiwharariki Blessing Banner1

The Toka Puia car park that opened in December 2020 was our first-completed project in enabling a vibrant town centre oriented around people on foot, bike and scooter, as well as those with mobility needs.

Chris Darby, North Shore Ward councillor and Planning Committee chair, said: “Waiwharariki offers a much-needed social, cultural and economic anchor for Takapuna. It is an important piece of the puzzle to prepare Takapuna for having more people visiting, living, and working in the town centre, linking Takapuna’s beach to destinations within the centre.

“The town square chapter has been quite the journey. Thanks to the unrelenting leadership of many individuals, we’ve stuck at it and we’re on the cusp of delivering a wonderful, generous and engaging public space for locals and visitors alike.”

The design of the town square was undertaken by Isthmus Group in partnership with mana whenua artists Vern and Hokimai Rosieur. Its construction will be carried out by John Fillmore Contracting (JFC).

Kate Cumberpatch (Eke Panuku Priority Location Director) added: “Our work in Takapuna is all about unleashing the centre’s huge potential and continuing to create a wonderful people-friendly place for the community to enjoy.

“I look forward to our continued work on development surrounding this public space that will allow for further shops, businesses and homes in Takapuna.”

Construction of Waiwharariki Anzac Square has begun and is due to open to the public in mid-2023. The Anzac Street car park will be partly closed during the construction period. The Takapuna Sunday Market has been relocated to the Anzac Street end of the site in a temporary layout, and is expected to return as the government’s COVID-19 Protection Framework restrictions allow.