Ā mātou mahi What we do

We work in many locations across Tāmaki Makaurau to deliver urban regeneration.

Urban regeneration is the planning of neighbourhoods and improvement of buildings to strengthen communities and the economy in order to make it an even better place to live.

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Urban regeneration

We work in places where there is an opportunity to build on the existing vitality of a neighbourhood.

Focusing our regeneration in town centres means that homes, offices, shops and eateries are close to public transport, reducing our reliance on cars.

One of our priorities is to increase the number of available homes in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland, particularly homes more people can afford and homes for the elderly.

Our challenge is to balance our obligation to make money with ensuring our regeneration projects are good quality, strategic and better for the environment.


Where we work

Eke Panuku undertakes urban regeneration across a number of neighbourhoods in Tāmaki Makaurau.

This multi-million dollar programme of town centre improvements is supported by a significant property strategy which aims to use our property holding to leverage a range of outcomes in Auckland, not just financial return.

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Our regeneration projects fall in to three categories:


1450X852 Wynyard

Where we transform an entire neighbourhood through urban regeneration. Our Transform locations are Wynyard Quarter, Manukau and Onehunga.


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Where we facilitate revitalisation through a few key properties within a town centre. Our Unlock locations include Northcote, Henderson, Takapuna and Avondale.


1450X852 Support

Where we use council land to build more houses, such as Link Crescent in Whangaparaoa.

Connections podcast

In this podcast, we talk about the importance of ‘connections’, with Niko Elsen – Principal Urban Designer, Master Planning, and Roxanne Haines - Principal Strategic Placemaker.

We discuss why quality connections are core to Eke Panuku and more importantly how they connect people to their town centres.

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Our development partners

We don’t build on land directly - instead, we work with others such as government, iwi, and both not-for-profit and private organisations.

We provide them with a strict set of rules, including creating buildings that benefit neighbourhoods and guaranteeing all homes are healthy, energy efficient and better for the environment.

That’s why we insist on Homestar 6 rated homes in all our Transform and Unlock locations.

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Property sales

Council owns properties which vary in quality.

In partnership with Auckland Council, we continuously review its property portfolio. This includes recognising when properties may no longer be required.

Once we identify that a property is potentially no longer needed for its current purpose, we go through a robust, multi-stage process to assess if the council may need it for another purpose, now or in the future.

This involves talking with Auckland Council including local boards, mana whenua groups and the Independent Māori Statutory Board.

If it’s considered to be not needed, then we propose to the council committee that it could be sold.

All sales must be approved by Auckland Council.

Once approved for sale, a property may be offered back to its former owner, sold to a neighbour or sold on the open market.

In certain cases we set conditions on the sale to ensure a good outcome for the community, for example that houses must be built.

We sell properties in our urban regeneration locations in a different way.

Here we select a development partner and provide them with a set of rules, including creating buildings that benefit neighbourhoods and guaranteeing all homes are healthy, energy efficient and better for the environment.

Click here to see properties for sale or lease.


Learn how we create amazing places

From town centre upgrades, housing projects and community areas all to make space for Aucklanders to love.