Housing for older people

The age and quality of housing for older Aucklanders varies widely.

Eke Panuku works to ensure that new residential developments that we help facilitate provide housing that is more accessible and liveable for everyone, including older Aucklanders.

Housing for older people information


About new residential developments

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Newer residential developments must now provide warmer, drier, safer homes. The development and design outcomes required by Eke Panuku mean that the new housing developments where we are involved also consider sustainability, overall quality, accessibility, and proximity to local services, community facilities and public transport. 

About Haumaru Housing

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Back in 2016, Eke Panuku found a community housing provider on behalf of Auckland Council to help manage and redevelop council’s portfolio of homes for older people, helping address the needs of older people, both in location and quality.

The resulting partnership between council and the Selwyn Foundation, called Haumaru Housing, supports the management of the portfolio of rental units for older people, as well as the redevelopment of older homes in in the portfolio. Further opportunities for redevelopment are being investigated. 

For more information about Haumaru Housing, please visit their website here