Buzz from Onehunga Mall to be spread across town centre

08 August 2018

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The vision for Onehunga has been unveiled, including a revitalised town centre, more local connections and innovative forms of housing.

Buzz From Onehunga Mall

The Onehunga Framework Plan, a document developed by Panuku Development Auckland in consultation with the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board and key stakeholders, outlines the overarching vision for the neighbourhood and the key moves Panuku will take to deliver transformation. The plan confirms that Panuku will focus on the revitalisation of the Onehunga town centre as a priority.

Panuku seeks to complement the existing character of Onehunga Mall by promoting new development and activities in the blocks behind it. The existing buzz from Onehunga Mall will be extended to the rest of the town centre.

One of the first things you’ll see is the revitalisation of existing laneways. Panuku will work with local business owners and the community to make these laneways safer and more attractive.

Other key moves in the plan include:

1. Reframing infrastructure as a catalyst for regeneration. Ensuring infrastructure delivers on more levels than just its primary purpose – it should also generate additional opportunities. This involves rethinking single-purpose infrastructure so that it can deliver additional multiple benefits for the community through which it passes.

2. Re-establishing the waterfront as a place for people. Re-establishing the role of Onehunga Wharf as a destination for people on the Manukau Harbour.

3. Prioritising the importance of local connections. Improving community connections by enhancing the walking and cycling experience and network for people of all ages and abilities.

4. Fostering innovative housing solutions. Providing and advocating for diverse housing, which better reflects the spectrum of living, lifestyle and affordability options that a progressive and inclusive urban environment can offer.

5. Encouraging productivity and innovation. Recognising Onehunga’s contribution to the economy by supporting enterprising, productive and creative pursuits. Ensure these pursuits have mutual benefits for local and regional purposes.

A major factor in Onehunga’s transformation will be the influence of transport and other infrastructure projects, scheduled to happen in the short to medium term.

Panuku Design and Place Director Rod Marler says: “Onehunga’s fantastic geographic location – close to both the city and the airport – makes it a critical area for Auckland’s growth. Along with Manukau and Wynyard Quarter it is a priority location that sits in our highest category in terms of resource and investment.

“The Framework Plan is significant as it sets out the long-term vision for Onehunga. From redevelopment in the town centre in the next five years, to the revitalisation of the wharf within 30 years, we look forward to working in this diverse, vibrant and unique part of Auckland.”

Earlier this month Panuku purchased Onehunga Wharf. The Wharf represents a unique opportunity for water-edge development on the Manukau Harbour. Its transformation may include a new community with homes, cafes, retail and public space, while retaining its seafaring history and spirit. Any future development on the wharf will maintain a strong connection to the Manukau Harbour and will look to retain existing fishing industries.

Public events or development on the wharf are up to five years away, as there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work to do. This includes negotiating usage with other key players such as NZTA, undertaking maintenance and upgrades, and working with existing leaseholders.