Te Ara Awataha – Northcote’s new greenway

03 April 2023

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Te Ara Awataha is a new greenway beside the Awataha Stream in Northcote.

It's been developed over the last six years and connects neighbourhoods with the town centre, schools, and homes.

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The completed areas of Te Ara Awataha - from Greenslade Reserve through the town centre and Cadness Reserve, all the way along to Richardson park – were celebrated with the community on 1 April 2023. It was free fun day with live music, entertainment, activities, kai, and community participation, supported by Eke Panuku, Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities, Auckland Council and Kaipātiki Local Board.

“It’s been an amazing collaborative journey to literally bring Te Ara Awataha to life in Northcote!”

Sara Zwart
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Sara Zwart, Principal Regenerative Design Lead, says, “It’s been an amazing collaborative journey to literally bring Te Ara Awataha to life in Northcote! We’ve daylighted, or brought to the surface, most of the Awataha Stream through the heart of Northcote to create a green, safe pathway and boosted the mauri (life essence) of the stream. We’ve improved the water quality and created a habitat for wildlife. It’s a delight to see kaka and eels in the area once more.”

“Also, in the recent flooding events Te Ara Awataha, together with Greenslade Reserve - now a stormwater detention park, proved their effectiveness. They worked exactly as they are meant to and minimised flooding, a problem that has plagued the neighbourhood in previous years.”

Greenslade Before After Flooding

Images showing the greenway draining after the floods of January 2023.

Sara said, “Te Ara Awataha was made only possible with the combined efforts of Eke Panuku with mana whenua, Kaipātiki Local Board, Kāinga Ora, Healthy Waters, Auckland Council, the business association, community groups, including Kaipātiki Community Facilities Trust and Kaipātiki Project, and the local schools.”

Placemaker Roxie Haines said, “It was wonderful to see the community really get behind this event, to create a lively, multi-cultural celebration for everyone to enjoy. It also encouraged locals to discover a new part of their backyard, with people getting out and enjoying the new pathway.'”

Eke Panuku Priority Location Director, Kate Cumberpatch said, “Seeing people using and connecting with the new spaces along the greenway has made all the hard mahi of so many involved in this project worthwhile. We are so grateful for the support and guidance of mana whenua who have played a key role in the return of what was in part neglected land to create a beautiful natural habitat for everyone to enjoy.”

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