Community feedback strengthens Takapuna town square design

21 October 2020

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More planting, seating and the addition of bike and scooter parking,

are some of the changes that will be implemented in Takapuna’s town square design, following public consultation.

Community Feedback Strengthens Takapuna Town Square Design

More planting, seating and the addition of bike and scooter parking are some of the changes that will be implemented in Takapuna’s town square design, following public consultation.

Over 100 submissions were received in the public consultation from 20 July to 14 August 2020, along with feedback from organisations and groups who will use and operate in the future space.

Feedback was received on various aspects of the design, including its capacity to hold events, suitability for the Takapuna Sunday Market, safety, greenery, seating, wind and shade.

Panuku Priority Location Director Kate Cumberpatch says the consultation was useful to understand the strength of the design and how well it aligns with the aspirations of the community.

“We’d put a lot of thought into how the design could facilitate a future market layout and large events, while ensuring the space was green and inviting for people at alternative times. The consultation was an opportunity to understand if we had that balance correct and make refinements where needed.”

The Devonport-Takapuna Local Board approved the revised concept design at its business meeting on 20 October.

Aidan Bennett, Chair of the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board, says the community’s feedback has been addressed in the final version of the concept design.

“The feedback offered insight into how well the design serves the community. The revised concept design achieves a fantastic, high-quality open space that will offer so much to so many. It is exciting to now have this design confirmed so we can get on and get it done. This will create a benchmark for Takapuna’s bright future with a town centre to complement our wonderful beachside environment.”

Chris Darby, North Shore Ward Councillor and Planning Committee Chair, continues:

“It’s great to see so many people confidently validate the design and offer feedback on some of its finer points. After several rounds of public engagement, refining and testing, we’re on course to transform a soulless concrete car park into a generous public space that is both beautiful and functional, addressing the current and future needs of Takapuna’s residents, visitors and workers.”

The consultation sought the public’s views on the proposed concept design. As a result, the following changes have been incorporated in the final design:

  • The boundaries of the town square have been refined to address comments made through the consultation, stakeholder meetings and in discussion with the potential development partner. This will align the space on Lake Road with the Shore City Shopping Centre, improve the sightline to Hurstmere Road and increase the space to Potters Park
  • Additional planting and seats, a larger space for the water feature and the inclusion of bike and scooter parking to address comments from the community

Read more about the feedback and how it is being responded to in the design.

The consultation also requested views on whether the Takapuna War Memorial should be relocated from its current location (next to the Takapuna Library) to the new town square.

There was mixed feedback on whether to relocate the memorial. Panuku has recommended that this becomes a separate project that is worked on with input from the council civic events and parks teams in conjunction with the Returned Services Association.

Next steps

Following the approval of the revised concept design by the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board at its business meeting on 20 October, a consenting process and contractor procurement will begin. Construction of the town square is expected to start in early-mid 2022.

Community Feedback Strengthens Takapuna Town Square Design2