Gulf Harbour

10 May 2018

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The decision on the proposal for the Hammerhead land (Lots 7 - 9) at Gulf Harbour will be made by Auckland Council's Finance and Performance Committee at its meeting on 18 September.

Gulf Harbour

On behalf of Auckland Council, Panuku Development Auckland – the city’s regeneration agency – is proposing to retain control of the Hammerhead land (Lots 7 – 9) at Gulf Harbour that will:

Gulf Harbour Marina (Lots 1 – 6) was built in 1988. In 1989, it was leased with the right to renew until 2088. Hammerhead (Lots 7 - 9 was intended to be subdivided and leased to the marina operator but was then developed by the council into a ferry terminal with car parking and open space for recreational use.

In 2016, the High Court reconfirmed the council’s obligation to subdivide and lease the land to the marina operator, which if fulfilled, will mean it will lose control of Hammerhead in (Lots 7 – 9) and its current operations.

As a result, Panuku is proposing to retain control of the Hammerhead land (Lots 7 - 9) that will:

  • Ensure the ferry service can continue;
  • Retain public access to the land for continued open space and recreational use; and
  • Provide certainty of ownership of the Hammerhead land to allow Auckland Transport to invest in ferry improvements.


Panuku is seeking to reach an agreement with the current lessee of Gulf Harbour Marina to:

  • Surrender the lease rights over the Marina (Lots 1 – 6) to the current lessee; and
  • Acquire the lease rights to Hammerhead (Lots 7 – 9).