Have your say on Auckland Council’s Recovery Budget

25 February 2021

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Auckland Council is consulting on our 10-year Budget 2021-2031 which sets out what we will provide over the next decade and how we will pay for it.

It’s things like our transport network, water supply, protecting our natural environment and all of the services and facilities we offer. More than ever it’s important they hear the views of Aucklanders like you.

Have Your Say

Last year’s Emergency Budget was an immediate response to COVID-19, but we also need to focus on the future. That’s why we’re looking at the 10-year Budget 2021-2031 as the ‘Recovery Budget’. Our proposals respond to the continuing financial impact of COVID-19 while ensuring that we continue to invest in our region’s growth, as well as the services and facilities our communities and businesses rely on. We also need to respond to the impact of climate change and the degradation of our natural environment, so our financial package considers these things and more.

Proposals in the Recovery Budget cover a wide variety of topics that could impact you and your whanau so please visit akhaveyoursay.nz/recoverybudget for more information and to tell us what you think before 12pm, midday, Monday 22 March 2021.