Panuku achieves Toitū certification

12 March 2020

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Panuku Development Auckland has achieved the Toitū carbonreduce certification, involving measuring operational greenhouse gas emissions, setting targets and developing a management plan.

As members of the Climate Leader’s Coalition (CLC), the scheme is an important part of Panuku’s response to the climate emergency.


The process involved working with Toitū Envirocare to identify emissions from all business operations that Panuku has ownership or influence over, including head office operations and activity within assets like Waterfront Marinas. Significant emissions included those associated with waste disposal, electricity use, and travel.

Panuku set an ambitious science-based target to reduce these emissions by 35% by 2030. This is consistent with the CLC commitment to reduce carbon in order to stay within 2 degrees of what are considered to be viable global warming mitigation targets. Progress towards reductions will be measured and reported on annually by independent assessors.

David Rankin, Panuku’s Chief Executive, says “Achieving this certification is a significant milestone for Panuku in our carbon reduction journey. As a member of the Climate Leaders Coalition we’re committed to taking climate action seriously and undertaking our first emissions inventory is a key step for our business.”

Toitū Envirocare offered their congratulations to the organisation, “As a key influencer of Auckland’s built environment, Panuku’s leadership in climate change adaption and mitigation is crucial to the future of our communities” says CEO Becky Lloyd. “I hope this will inspire more public sector organisations to take the next step in credibly managing and reducing their carbon emissions.”

The scheme will contribute to a wider Climate Change Strategy at Panuku. Kristen Webster, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Panuku, is looking forward to continued review of Panuku’s internal and external operations, explaining that “You can't manage what you don't measure, so understanding the sources of our emissions ensures we can target our efforts in the areas that matter most.”

You can learn more about Toitū Envirocare and their certifications on their website

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