Upcoming Closure of Tavern Lane

02 November 2022

  • Old Papatoetoe
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Eke Panuku has been working since the start of 2017 to unlock Old Papatoetoe. Construction is now beginning on Piko Toetoe, a new housing development at 3 St Georges St developed by Whare Tupu.

Having more people living, working, eating, and shopping here will help make the town centre a safer place as there will always be people nearby at any time of day.

As part of this new development Tavern Lane will be closed between St Georges St and the Allan Brewster Leisure Centre. Tavern Lane is (and has technically always been) a private driveway, and the land was sold to Whare Tapu as part of their site. The lane will be closed once the construction begins.

If you use Tavern Lane as a cut through to or from Cambridge Terrace, you will need to travel via the main roads instead.

In the future Eke Panuku will be constructing a new road, an extension of Cambridge Terrace, to meet an improved Stadium Lane. This will help streamline travel between Puhinui Road and the town centre, making it easier to walk and cycle through too.

This article has been updated from original publication and will be updated again once we have closure dates confirmed.