Hobsonville Point wastewater pump station

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Hobsonville Point needs another wastewater pump station so that this thriving community can continue to grow.

This new pump station will futureproof Hobsonville Point so that capacity isn’t an issue.

About the project

More homes are planned for the growing and thriving neighbourhood of Hobsonville Point, but forecasts indicate that the capacity of the existing wastewater pump station in the area is not sufficient for the projected development in the area. Therefore, a new wastewater pump station known as pump station 6 (PS6) is required, to ensure existing and future residents can continue to rely on safe, reliable wastewater services.

Where will the pump station be?

The new pump station will sit on the edge of a reserve at the intersection of Bomb Point Drive and Glidepath Road. It will be fenced-off and landscaped, minimising visual impact. A rising main will be installed to connect to the existing Watercare wastewater manhole at the intersection of Hobsonville Point Road and Corsair Street.

An existing wastewater pump station on Bomb Point Drive gives an indication of what the site will look like when completed with fencing and landscaping.

An indicative image of the wastewater pump station site, noting that the large storage tank (red rectangle) will be underground.

When will the work happen?

The work will happen in overlapping stages between June 2024 and February 2025:  

  • Stage 1 (July to September 2024): Installing a rising main which takes wastewater along Glidepath Road and then Hobsonville Point Road, to the existing Watercare wastewater manhole at the intersection of Hobsonville Point Road and Corsair Street.  
  • Stage 2 (August to October 2024): Installing an emergency storage tank and emergency overflow pipe from the pump station to Catalina Bay. 
  • Stage 3 (September to December 2024): Installation of a gravity main pipe along Bomb Point Drive that directs wastewater into the pump station. 
  • Stage 4 (June 2024 to January 2025): Construction of the pump station at the intersection of Bomb Point Drive and Glidepath Road

We are working hard to ensure any disruption is minimised while work is underway, although some disruption should be expected.

We will communicate and engage directly with affected residents and businesses as work progresses.


Why is Eke Panuku building the new pump station?

Watercare is usually responsible for Auckland’s wastewater infrastructure. However, there is an agreement in place between Eke Panuku (on behalf of Auckland Council) and Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities to ensure the land in Hobsonville Point is ready for development. This is based on a legacy infrastructure funding agreement between Waitākere City Council and the Hobsonville Land Company (later renamed Homes Land Community Ltd., and now part of Kāinga Ora).

On behalf of Auckland Council, Eke Panuku is leading the procurement, design and overseeing the delivery of the project. CB Civil is the contractor.

This page will be updated as the project progresses.

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