4 Blomfield Spa, Takapuna

  • SOLD
  • Takapuna
  • Development Site
  • <1000

4 Blomfield Spa

Boundary line indicative

Rare vacant site in central Takapuna

  • Freehold vacant site of approximately 496sqm in central Takapuna
  • Options galore for future redevelopment
  • Metropolitan Centre zoning allows for a range of uses

Situated off the main arterial of Lake Road, 4 Blomfield Spa in Takapuna is right in the bustling heart of Auckland's North Shore’s most desirable suburb. This area is known for its beautiful beaches, diverse dining options, and a mix of retail and business spaces.

Located in the Metropolitan Centre, it provides promising potential for development being one of the few vacant sites of this zoning in Takapuna. The blend of urban amenities and coastal charm makes for an attractive location for various ventures.

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