City Centre Advisory Panel Update – Safety and Recovery

13 September 2023

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Safety in the central city and its post-Pandemic recovery were two key topics of discussion at the City Centre Advisory Panel meeting on Monday 11 September 2023.

City Centre Advisory Panel Chair, Scott Pritchard, notes the discussion points below:

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  • The resilience of its people, the draw of major events and the increasing number of people choosing to live in Auckland’s city centre are all key factors in the city’s recovery, but collaboration, partnership, and support from all sectors, including central government, are crucial to continue to build on this.

  • Auckland city centre holds regional and national importance. We must continue to work together, central government, Auckland Council, iwi partners, private sector, the social sector, and the people of Auckland, to ensure the city’s success.

  • Signs of recovery are clear. Spending is up in real terms, with the number of transactions up year on year, and total spending approaching 2019 levels.  It’s heartening to see foot traffic currently at its highest point for four years, the result of more people choosing to work from their offices and an increase in visitor numbers. The nighttime economy, which provides so much vibrancy, is flourishing as nighttime spending is now back to pre-Pandemic levels.

  • The increased number of visitors also contributes to people’s feeling of safety.

  • Acknowledging the importance of a safe and welcoming city centre to its ongoing success and enjoyment, the City Centre Advisory Panel welcomes the recent announcement of additional community safety hubs in Auckland's city centre. It is hoped the initiative, originally established by business association Heart of The City for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, will result in a greater sense of safety for our city centre communities.

  • The community safety hub initiative clearly shows what is possible when the resources and powers of central government work in tandem with the on-the-ground knowledge of Auckland Council Group and city centre businesses and organisations. The City Centre Advisory Panel encourage Central Government and Auckland Council to use this initiative to create a long lasting and sustainable approach to safety within the city centre.

  • However, the panel note that these safety hubs are not a replacement for police and call on central government to provide greater resources to support a more frequent and visible uniformed police presence within the city centre.

  • The panel would like to acknowledge the dedication of the many volunteers who will be staffing these hubs, Aucklanders who are willing to give up their personal time because they want to make their city a more inviting place.

  • Auckland Council Group should be recognised for its ongoing work to ensure the city centre looks clean, safe, vibrant, and inviting, and for offering a range of activities and events for all ages which attract more people to enjoy all the city centre has to offer.

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