Restoration is the winner at the CAB

05 December 2022

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Cultural heritage meets sustainability.

The rejuvenation of the Civic Administration Building (CAB) has restored an iconic heritage building and provided a range of new homes in the centre of Auckland.

1702 1 Greys Ave 08

It is not well understood that restoring a building is generally more environmentally friendly than constructing a new one.

This is certainly the case for the CAB, the iconic former Auckland City Council Administration Building, in Aotea Square.

Not only does refurbishment reduce energy consumption, waste generation, and carbon emissions but it contributes to the preservation of cultural heritage and supports sustainable urban development.

During the restoration of the CAB, 6,150 tonnes of carbon was diverted from landfill, and 98% of the demolition material was used to build new roads.

The award winning private development by Civic Lane Limited has turned this A heritage listed building into a stunning development of new homes, which in turn boosts local economic activity as new residents move in and shop, work and eat locally.

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