Devon Lane Improvements

01 September 2021 - 31 December 2023

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Devon Lane in Pukekohe has been upgraded!

Alongside the Franklin Local Board, we have made improvements to Devon Lane. It is now safer and more inviting for pedestrians, with improved access to local businesses for visitors and improved loading zones.

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Project milestones

Trial measures installed


The Innovating Streets trial helped inform what was going to work and what wasn't going to work

Key features

The improvements in Devon Lane include:

  • Safety and accessibility improvements for pedestrians
  • Improved loading zones
  • A new all-weather canopy along the laneway that connects Devon Lane to King Street
  • A new mural in the laneway that celebrates Pukekohe's horticultural heritage

We are working in collaboration with the local businesses that backed onto Devon Lane, the Pukekohe Business Association and the Franklin Local Board to ensure the right outcome is achieved for this project. At the same time, a new all-weather canopy along the laneway will allow a greater flow of people between King Street and Pukekohe Plaza, with the bonus of a fantastic new mural to look at!

Devon Lane upgrade

The upgrade of Devon Lane comes off the back of the Innovating Streets for People trial that ran in mid-2021. We tested some things to improve access for people using Devon Lane and made iterative changes in response to feedback. Some of the temporary aspects that were trialled were later made permanent. These include:

  • New speed humps
  • New raised speed table
  • New lighting
  • New signage
  • Dedicated and clearly marked loading zones
  • Clearly demarcated area for pedestrians to safely walk along Devon Lane


A new all-weather canopy

A new, fully covered canopy is being installed in the laneway connecting Devon Lane and King Street. This will make it more convenient for people to move between Pukekohe Plaza and King Street, benefiting local businesses. It will also enable more people to park in Pukekohe Plaza, as the connection will be safer and more appealing.

We expect work to install the canopy to finish at the end of November 2023.


The clearly demarcated area for pedestrians to safely walk from Devon Lane to King Street was completed with a vibrant new mural.

Below is a comparison slider of the area before and after the mural (and all-weather canopy) was installed. Toggle the slider to see the difference.

Drag the toggle left and right to compare

The mural stands as a homage to Pukekohe's rich horticultural heritage, celebrating the town's roots and cultural significance.

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