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The land around the Maungawhau station (approx. 3.2ha) is jointly owned by Auckland Council and Central Government. It will be developed to provide more homes, retail, entertainment, and commercial buildings.

In anticipation of the opportunity created by the City Rail Link station at Maungawhau, Eke Panuku is working with developers to help the station precinct area to become one of the best-quality, high density urban villages in the country.

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Outcomes for development

We’ve worked with our mana whenua partners, the Albert-Eden Local Board a to develop the outcomes being sought for the future development sites around the City Rail Link (CRL) Maungawhau station.

The proposed ‘Foundation Outcomes’ guiding this urban regeneration programme are:

  • Environmental vitality and climate action: An exemplar net-zero carbon urban regeneration development that is resilient to climate change and focuses on the prioritisation of sustainable modes of transport and environmental vitality
  • Mana whenua partnership: Partner with mana whenua to integrate mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge) and reflect Māori identity in the precincts
  • Homes: Provide healthy, affordable, and accessible homes with a mix of different types and options, to cater for a diverse community
  • Accessibility: Create precincts that are accessible for all, encourage the use of public transport, and provide a safe and connected neighbourhood
  • Economic & social well-being (‘Community well-being’): Provide public space, health, community space, learning, and employment facilities that enhances the existing community and enables people to thrive
  • Value realisation: Creating enduring investments for the community and realise value over time.

Development plan

The Maungawhau Precinct Development Plan builds on preceding CRL master planning. It prescribes the standard and expected quality of development that we will achieve with our development partners to deliver on our Vision, Strategic Choices, and Foundation Outcomes.

See here for the Maungawhau and Karanga-a-Hape Precinct Development Plan.


Streets and the pocket park in the new precinct are all being delivered by CRL.


Ten development blocks are proposed – ranging from block A to J, as shown on the map below.


Blocks A, B and C

Eke Panuku has offered the land to Whenua Haumi Roroa o Tāmaki Makaurau Limited Partnership, as there is a first right of refusal obligation under the Ngā Mana Whenua o Tāmaki Collective Redress Act 2014. They are investigating and are expected to advise of interest early 2024.

Between blocks A and B – CRL are delivering a new pocket park and pedestrian plaza here.


Blocks B, F, E

Eke Panuku is aiming to take these sites to the open market in mid-2024, to seek a development partner(s).

Construction can only start once the station is completed in 2025, due to the complexity of CRL construction. It will also take time to find a suitable development partner, undertake development agreement negotiations and for the selected development partner(s) to finalise designs and obtain consents, so construction is likely to start from 2026, with delivery staged over 10-15 years.


Block G and H

Site G is owned by Kāinga Ora and is likely to be a mixed-use development, to help create an entrance to the precinct from New North Road.

Kāinga Ora is also investigating block H for new state housing.


Who is delivering the project and what’s in scope?

On 1 October 2020, Auckland Council formally gave us the mandate to lead, in partnership with Kāinga Ora, the regeneration of the precincts around the Maungawhau and Karanga-a-Hape stations. The mandate is to lead the development and delivery of the development opportunities adjoining the CRL station sites.

Streets and the pocket park in the new precinct are all being delivered by CRL.


When will you be seeking development partner proposals?

The timing is dependent on finalising the subdivision plan, to show the land sites available for development, and the site information from CRL Ltd. Ideally. We will go to the market for a development partner(s) in mid to late 2024.


How will the plans reflect community input?

Input from communities will play an important role in the programme. We will work with local boards to obtain input from local businesses and communities, along with mana whenua. We will also build on any plans that have already been prepared, including the CRL Development Opportunities Programme Blueprint, the City Centre Masterplan (2020) and the Newton and Eden Terrace Plan (2016). We’ll continue our conversations and work with local community stakeholders as we progress through the design stages.


How high can developers build?

Planning work is underway to determine how high buildings can go in line with the proposed National Policy Statement on Urban Development (NPS-UD). The proposed NPS-UD may increase building heights and enable more housing in areas of the city with good public transport links and walking and cycling options to jobs and key services. The current Auckland Unitary Plan enables the Maungawhau precinct to be developed to a height of 18-21m depending on whether a site is within a volcanic viewshaft area.


When will construction start?

Construction is planned to start after completion of CRL’s Maungawhau station, when the City Rail Link opens, expected to be in November 2025


Why won’t construction begin prior to the completion of the CRL stations?

Due to the complexity of CRL construction, it is not possible to build above stations before they are completed. Apart from the station re-build, Maungawhau is also the site where the CRL is being connected to the existing Western Line and is the project’s ‘base’ for work related to tunnel excavation into central Auckland, so station-adjacent development is not feasible here until after completion. We are working to ensure that the land can be constructed on as close to the underground station being completed as possible.

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