Northcote’s new town centre

15 May 2023 - TBC

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The heart of Northcote's regeneration...

As part of the wider regeneration of Northcote, an exciting development is planned – a new town centre.

Northcote Town Square Render

The regeneration of Northcote is already well underway:

  • Many new homes have been built by Kāinga Ora.
  • Te Ara Awataha is partially open.
  • Greenslade Reserve has been upgraded as a stormwater detention park.
  • The Ministry of Education has upgraded Onepoto Primary School and the new classrooms at Northcote Intermediate are about to be opened.

Another exciting development is planned – a new town centre for Northcote – called Northcote Central.

What is the vision for the new town centre?

In 2007, North Shore City Council established the vision:

To deliver a lively and welcoming heart where community, culture and business thrives, and everyone’s needs are met.

What will the new town centre look like?

Northcote Central will include new shops, eateries, offices, apartments, laneways, a town square, a larger supermarket, a new main street connection, an upgraded multi-purpose community hub (incorporating the existing heritage-listed library building) and an upgrade to Cadness Reserve.

Northcote Town Square Render Northcote Town Square Render Northcote Town Square Render Northcote Town Square Render Northcote Town Square Render

Northcote town centre timeline

2016 - 2019

  • High-level plans developed.

Staged development

Considerable work has already been undertaken. From 2018 to earlier in 2023, we worked with the owners to purchase all the buildings in the town centre, so the whole area can be redeveloped.

2023 – 2024

  • Design of the new community hub to be agreed (incorporating the existing library building).
  • Design extension of Ernie Mays street to Lake Road.
  • Seek a development partner/s to build Northcote Central – the new town centre.

2025 – 2027

Work will be completed to enable the town centre development to go ahead, including:

  • Extending Ernie Mays Street from College Road to Lake Road – this will become the main street in the town centre and the public transport hub.
  • Building an upgraded multi-purpose community hub and upgrading Cadness Reserve.
  • Detailed designs for Northcote Central are developed and the final design approved.

2027 - 2037

Northcote Central will be constructed in stages.

Who will build the new town centre?

In the second half of 2023, we start to find a development company(s) to help us develop the new town centre. Included as part of the conditions of purchase are a set of essential outcomes that the developer will need to be deliver. This includes community and sustainability requirements, such as effective stormwater infrastructure, sustainable transport connections and providing a range of shops.

We will stay involved throughout the town centre’s development -  partnering and managing the overall design and construction, and ensuring all the outcomes are achieved.

With the current economic climate, it could take two years or more to appoint a development partner(s). Once appointed, more detailed design work will start.

Important aspects of this project

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Para Kore/Zero Waste

Northcote is a Zero Waste community, and the new town centre development will be our largest Para Kore/Zero Waste project to date. The aim is to incorporate regenerative values and principles, developed in partnership with mana whenua, to deliver a town centre that restores and enhances the natural environment.   

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Effective stormwater management

This will be critical to the development, to minimise flooding and improve water quality. This will include new infrastructure, maintaining and extending Te Ara Awataha and introducing other water treatment devices, such as rain gardens. 

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Future car parking

This is an integral part of the new town centre design. The design will be developed once the new development partner(s) is appointed.   

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A larger supermarket

The existing Countdown supermarket will continue to trade at least until a new larger supermarket in the new town centre is open. The aim is for continuity of service. 

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Library and community services

These services will be temporarily rehoused nearby while the new community hub is constructed. 

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Partnership approach

Unlocking the potential of Northcote requires working in partnership. We will continue to collaborate with mana whenua, Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities, Kaipātiki Local Board, the wider council family, the Business Association, and the local community, including the local schools.

Disruption during construction

The intention is that there will always be shops and eateries retained during the staged construction of the new town centre, to maintain the vibrancy of Northcote. This will mean some of the current buildings will remain open while new ones are being built.

Our aim is to reduce the impact of construction as much as possible but there will be inevitable disruption while the new town centre is being built. We will keep people informed about what this will look like nearer the time.

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