Te Ara Awataha to be completed with town centre edge section

Late 2025 - TBC

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Te Ara Awataha (Northcote’s greenway) is being extended to complete its 1.5km length.

The town centre edge is a new section of Te Ara Awataha, linking Te Kaitaka Greenslade Reserve to Ngutu Kōtare (along the edge of the schools).

Once the town centre edge is completed, Te Ara Awataha will extend from the source of the Awataha Stream, in Papa ki Awataha Jessie Tonar Scout Reserve, to Te Kaitaka Greenslade Reserve and the town centre and all the way to Kukari pocket park - for everyone to enjoy.

A map showing the town centre edge section is under development

A photo of the town centre edge section.

Another angle of the aforementioned town centre edge section.


What is Te Ara Awataha?

Te Ara Awataha, which means ‘the path of the Awataha’, is Northcote’s new greenway that follows the Awataha Stream, connecting people to nature, and neighbourhood destinations, such as reserves, new pocket parks, the town centre, schools, and homes.

In some places the stream that has been brought to the surface from underground pipes - called daylighting – and this brings many benefits, including helping to manage stormwater and prevent flooding. For example, Te Kaitaka Greenslade Reserve has been upgraded and lowered to detain water to prevent flooding in the town centre during major storm events - a common problem in previous years.

The greenway provides a home to native flora and fauna, bringing wildlife back to Northcote. There have been sightings of nationally threatened species, like the banded kōkopu fish, koura (freshwater crayfish) and longfin eels, and watercress is growing in the stream – all signs of a healthy natural environment.

See here for more information. 

Wai Tāheke, the outdoor classroom on Te Ara Awataha

Te Ara Awataha runs alongside the schools to Northcote Library

Te Ara Awataha, at the edge of the schools

Te Kaitaka Greenslade Reserve

Papa ki Awataha Jessie Tonar Scout Reserve


Town centre edge – key features

Key features of the new town centre section of Te Ara Awataha, include:

  • The daylighting of Awataha Stream – Between Countdown supermarket and Onepoto Awhina Educare Centre. Besides creating a natural environment for people and nature, it will help manage stormwater in the town centre, alongside other drainage mechanisms.
  • Better connections – The existing path will be extended, from Ngutu Kōtare (along the edge of the schools) through to Woolworths supermarket, so people can more easily walk and cycle into the town centre. The town centre edge section will also connect to the new Ernie Mays Street, which is being repositioned and extended to Lake Road, and an upgraded Puāwai Cadness Reserve.
  • New landscaping, trees, and plants - To improve the natural environment. Some existing trees may need to be removed and where possible, these will be transplanted.
  • Completion of Te Ara Awataha - The completed 1.5km greenway will extend from the stream’s source, in Papa ki Awataha Jessie Tonar Scout Reserve, to Te Kaitaka Greenslade Reserve and the town centre and all the way to Kukari pocket park. (A very small section, by the current Woolworths supermarket building is expected to be completed at a later stage.)
  • Zero-waste – Material waste will be reused and recycled where possible, to minimise what is sent to landfill.

This project is part of the transformation of Northcote’s Town Centre - see here for more information.

Some car parking space by Onepoto Awhina Educare Centre will be removed. Alternative car parks will be available nearby in the town centre.


Next steps and timing

We are working with our partners to finalise the design and expect construction to start in late 2025.

We will coordinate this project with the following other projects, to ensure disruption to the town centre during construction is kept to a minimum, as much as possible:

More information will be provided closer to the time.

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