Jessie Tonar Scout Reserve / Papa ki Awataha upgrade

12 June 2023 - 30 June 2024

  • Northcote
  • In Progress

Jessie Tonar Scout Reserve / Papa ki Awataha is being upgraded.

The upgrade of Jessie Tonar Scout Reserve / Papa ki Awataha will extend Te Ara Awataha, the path of the Awataha stream - Northcote’s partially completed new greenway - to its source in the reserve.


The Kaipātiki Local Board approved the concept design for the upgrade in November 2021, to deliver an improved reserve for the community to use and enjoy.

New features include:

  • Stream restoration, including repairing slips, providing safe access to the stream and enhanced waterflow.
  • An improved open space area, close to Kaka Street, including landscaping, new seating, educational signage, artwork, exploration trails and recreation spaces.

The upgrade of the reserve will continue the regeneration work led by Kaipātiki Project  since 2019, supported by community volunteers, and funded by Eke Panuku.

Te Ara Awataha

Te Ara Awataha is part of our wider programme to regenerate Northcote, to help the neighbourhood thrive.

Te Ara Awataha is a truly collaborative project and one that will provide benefits to the Northcote community for long into the future.

We are working in partnership with mana whenua, the Kaipātiki Local Board, Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities, Auckland Council’s Healthy Waters, Auckland Council, and community groups, such as Kaipātiki Project, as well as local schools.


Construction work is expected to start in Jessie Tonar Scout Reserve in Northcote from early May 2023 and is likely to be completed by June 2024.

What disruption is likely?

Disruption during construction is likely to include:

  • Some minor noise and vibration, within Council limits, which may affect residents whose houses back onto the reserve.
  • The temporary loss of access to the informal walkway alongside the stream.
  • The temporary closure of the shortcut from Martin Crescent to Kaka Street for some periods of time. (Access to the reserve via Kaka Street is currently closed due to construction on this street.)

Our intention is to keep the impact of construction to a minimum and maintain pedestrian access to the Aikido club in the reserve as much as possible.

We will know more about the timing of works and any related disruption once the contractor is onboard, from May 2023.

We have started engaging with those who are likely to be impacted and will continue to do so over the construction period.