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Lagoon edge refers to an area next to Panmure basin.

There is a series of improvements planned (as part of the Panmure Masterplan) which incorporate the area known as 'lagoon edge'.

In 2023, we made a significant upgrade to Panmure Skatepark in Lagoon Edge Reserve, and skaters love it!

Now, we’re turning our attention to the rest of the reserve, to make it a safer, more useable, and fun public space for everyone.

The vision

Over the next decade, we expect Panmure Town Centre to grow from a low-density area with just 300 homes to over 2000 homes, and over 5000 residents.

To support this growth, we’ve developed a vision for the future of Panmure – it’s called the Panmure Masterplan.

One part of this vision is the transformation of Lagoon Edge Reserve - to make it more of a destination location for both locals and visitors and help celebrate the cultural and historical significance of the lagoon.  

We’re planning to make the most of the reserve and its great location. It’s directly beside the lagoon (Panmure Basin) and the popular Lagoon Pool and Leisure Centre, and close to Panmure Town Centre and Maungarei (Mt Wellington).

Also, as the Lagoon Edge Reserve is part of the popular Panmure Basin walking circuit, the reserve upgrade will enhance this too.

It’s all about making Panmure an even better place to live, work, play and visit.

Key improvements

The finalised design includes feedback provided by the public, the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board, mana whenua, and key stakeholders.

Planned improvements include:

  • New amenities. This will include new seating, picnic tables, drinking fountains, signage, artwork, cycle parking, lighting, and a skatepark spectator area.
  • More public space in the reserve for recreational purposes. We will relocate part of the Lagoon Pool and Leisure Centre fence line to achieve this.
  • Improved pathways. These will provide better access to both the lagoon and Panmure Town Centre and make the reserve more pedestrian-friendly and accessible.
  • A new planted buffer between the reserve and busy Lagoon Drive. This will improve pedestrian safety as the current footpath is directly beside the road.
  • Improved sightlines and views of the lagoon. We’ll remove some unnecessary fencing and the existing poorly located public toilets to do this.
  • A new public toilet facility. This will be conveniently located by the public carpark and cycle parking.
  • The creation of different spaces to cater for a range of users. For example, there will be a new area for children and families to enjoy, and a new terraced lawn with panoramic views of the lagoon for people to sit and take in the view.
  • New landscaping and native trees and planting. This will improve biodiversity, wildlife habitat, water quality in the lagoon and other environmental outcomes, to help reduce the impact of climate change.


Improvements to Lagoon Edge Reserve are due to start in mid-2024 and are expected to be completed by mid-2025.

The reserve will be closed to the public during construction although public access to the lagoon will be maintained at all times. 

The Maungarei Walking and Cycling Connection

This is a separate project to improve the connection from the reserve and lagoon to Maungarei (Mt Wellinton). For those on bikes and pedestrians, we plan to create a safer recreational link between these two prominent and significant local landmarks.

This project is due to start in mid-2025 and be completed by mid-2026. 

See here for more details: Maungarei Walking and Cycling Connection, Panmure

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